Great Movie. This is the guy behind which is very cool.?
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I work with a gentleman who is unbelievably smart. He is a math grad and an oracle database wizard.
blah blah – so he is indirectly linked via marriage to this woman: (Those are high quality images in the “exhibition” so be patient – they take awhile to load.)
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Consumption vs. Creation

I hate television. Hate even the idea of it. Chewing gum for the mind. Sitting……staring blindly……..consuming a stream of images/sounds……never mind the hundred or so things that are stressing you out…..bills…….it all goes away with the television on……
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GoTo Statements, Air Conditioning

The air conditioning on my car (SUV) went out while off roading near Idyllwild, CA.
I could live without air conditioning, but my wife can’t. Thus, the Golden Wrench in Irvine to the rescue.
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