Sabayon Linux on Laptop Review

I came across a laptop (Compaq Presario 2100) that needed a little TLC. I’m relatively laptop happy right now, but I’ve been yearning for a Linux laptop. My life has changed. I’ve only got two desktops right now – one dedicated as a “family machine” and one dedicated as my three year old son’s machine.
Truth [...] . . . → Read More: Sabayon Linux on Laptop Review

Harry Kimura – Programmer by Day, BAMF by Night

One of the coolest aspects about working in technology (actually, life in general) is that you meet some very interesting people. I worked with Harry Kimura about 4 years ago and haven’t talked to him since. I wish I kept in touch with him. I thought of him today when I was watching Godzilla videos [...] . . . → Read More: Harry Kimura – Programmer by Day, BAMF by Night

Domain Name Appraisals –

There are a multitude of sites that will “appraise” your domain name based on a variety of factors ( was the most popular, but it appears to be dead). I checked into a particular five character domain name in early 1999 and it was open. I made a mental note to obtain it and forgot [...] . . . → Read More: Domain Name Appraisals –