Sony Mylo – WTF?

Here is a very cool looking device called the Sony Mylo. It’s been around for about a year. “Mylo” stands for ‘My Life Online’ which is also the name of a now defunct wireless service provider from the early 2000′s (right around the dotcom implosion).
Anyway, this PSP looking device doesn’t play games. That’s right – [...] . . . → Read More: Sony Mylo – WTF?

Olympus WS 300M Podcast

Podcasting with the Olympus WS 300M
I’ve started producing some podcasts for various sites. After experimenting with a bunch of different setups, I think I’ve come up with a winner. I use the Olympus WS 300M along with the Logitech Premium Headset. Here are some initial observations:

You NEED an external microphone if you’re serious about sound [...] . . . → Read More: Olympus WS 300M Podcast

Oregon Ducks’ Dennis Dixon out of Heisman Race!

First off, I confess to not being an Oregon fan (see, but the sportsman in me hates to see any athlete suffer and injury – much less an injury that will in all likelihood knock him out of contention for the biggest trophy in College Football!!!!
Dixon’s left knee buckled under him when he planted [...] . . . → Read More: Oregon Ducks’ Dennis Dixon out of Heisman Race!

WS TLD – “Western Somoa” – Not “Web Service”

I’m always surfing for more domains. I wanted to grab something “unique” so I check the 1and1 dropdown and saw the “ws” TLD. I had seen it before and always assumed it meant “web service” – duh! The .ws domain represents the country of Samoa, which was formerly referred to as Western Samoa. The [...] . . . → Read More: WS TLD – “Western Somoa” – Not “Web Service”

Real World Scenario using Word Templates

Merrill Lynch Business Financial Services developed an extensive Word template repository programmed in VBA. The repository consisted of a single network folder that housed over one hundred stand-alone Word templates. Each template launched a userform when invoked that prompted the user for basic information. This information was then used to populate certain areas of the [...] . . . → Read More: Real World Scenario using Word Templates

Wal Mart Secret Site

Wal Mart has created a not-so-secret “Secret Site” for the Holiday Shopping Season. I came across a pretty cool Acer laptop with 1GB of ram for $348 (GET OUTTA HERE!).
The website offers a glimpse at some “Early Black Friday” specials that will start the morning of November 2. The regular website for Wal-Mart Stores, [...] . . . → Read More: Wal Mart Secret Site

Slow Mac Leopard

I finally got Linux installed on the laptop (Debian 4.0 – review coming soon). I’ve also been checking Probstisms frequently for an update on “Leopard” but he hasn’t posted a thing???
I surfed the web briefly and came up with nothing but negative comments. Looks like those cool looking paperweights also have security issues: check out [...] . . . → Read More: Slow Mac Leopard

Palm Foleo – DBA (Dead Before Arrival)

All the negative reviews couldn’t kill my enthusiasm for the? Palm Foleo. I was actually excited about a? mobile Linux companion. Palm announced it on May 30, 2007 and cancelled on September 4, 2007. I’ve been involved with cancelled projects before and I know how the people behind it must feel.
It was going to have [...] . . . → Read More: Palm Foleo – DBA (Dead Before Arrival)

Uniform Credit Write-Up – Large Sample Automated Word Template (.dot)

One of my earliest projects involving Word began as a simple task to create internal “credit write-ups” (write-ups) for a banking institution. These write-ups involved a detailed analysis of the credit worthiness of businesses that were applying for lines of credit and term loans. The write-up contained various sections: business information, guarantor information, collateral description [...] . . . → Read More: Uniform Credit Write-Up – Large Sample Automated Word Template (.dot)

Fee Credit Calculator – Need for a VSTO Solution

I was involved with a project to create a complicated “Fee Credit Calculator” for a large financial institution. The basis of the project was that large institutional clients paid enormous fees for certain mutual fund transactions. There was a certain set of criteria that, if met, entitled these institutions to a partial refund of the [...] . . . → Read More: Fee Credit Calculator – Need for a VSTO Solution