VB MazeMan

I put this “Visual Basic MazeMan” application together for? a job interview? once upon a time. The job was bogus and I could never bring myself to look at the code again.? The requirements have changed – specifically saving data in binary format – as opposed to text if you are using this for any [...] . . . → Read More: VB MazeMan

Redline Energy Drink Review – 4 Stars

This is my first energy drink review. I love energy drinks, pills, shakes, capsules, powders, inhalants, injections, etc. I’ve decided to incorporate a 3-point test as well as an overall discussion. The test will measure: (1) taste, (2) warning label – scarier the better, and (3) programmability – a proprietary measurement that calculates how much [...] . . . → Read More: Redline Energy Drink Review – 4 Stars