Greg Oden is a Bust (or is he?)

I like Oden. He’s had plenty of time. We’ve seen how he’ll perform in the NBA. He’s not terrible, but he’s not a #1 overall player. Hopefully, he’ll get a full season in somewhere before injuries force him to retire. It’d be great if he could make an all-star game.
Tonight he fractured a knee cap [...] . . . → Read More: Greg Oden is a Bust (or is he?)

Tiger Woods Fourth Mistress (Another Cocktail Waitress)

Oh man, I had hoped this would all blow over and turn out to be a couple gold seeking liars. Unfortunately, it looks like Tiger is/was the one who was lying. TMZ is reporting that a FOURTH girl is coming forward and has already retained a Florida based attorney.
Rating and Review of Tiger’s Mistresses (so [...] . . . → Read More: Tiger Woods Fourth Mistress (Another Cocktail Waitress)

Tiger Woods Medication – Painkillers

I’m fascinated with the excessive media coverage of the Tiger Woods’ car crash.? Right now, it appears as though the Florida Highway Patrol is going to press charges – careless driving? – apparently because Tiger was using prescription medication at the time of the crash. I believe Tiger’s team handled this very poorly – [...] . . . → Read More: Tiger Woods Medication – Painkillers