Quick ConnectBot Review

Awesome. Totally Awesome. Napkin Version: I’m able to SSH into my server and execute command line statements from my droid phone. I’ve cleared logs, used VI to edit PHP files, and installed RPMs all from my phone while at a dog show.
My only gripe (and I think this is my fault for not reading up [...] . . . → Read More: Quick ConnectBot Review

Yahoo Finance Pushing Facebook Links?

Really? It’s been less than a week since Carol Bartz bragged on the massive engineering feat yahoo accomplished by building social discussion features into yahoo’s core cms.
I think Yahoo should have a page on Facebook – where it entices users to visit compelling content on Yahoo. I don’t think fb’s discussion feature (basically non [...] . . . → Read More: Yahoo Finance Pushing Facebook Links?

Visual Studio is Dead?

Visual Studio Should Be Free
I was typing up a post about a recent Asus laptop purchase and planned to throw in some notes at the end. As I was typing up the notes, it hit me – Visual Studio isn’t free! (Of course not, silly me.) Here’s the thing: it’s not that it costs money, people [...] . . . → Read More: Visual Studio is Dead?

Asus K50I Review, Developer Observations

It’s cheap. It’s fast enough, big enough, and has enough memory. Windows 7 runs “pleasantly” on this machine.
That’s it in a nutshell. If you’re looking for a solid laptop for the money – this is the king (8 a.m. today, 9 a.m. could be different) of the sub $500 lappys.
The processor, while sitting in [...] . . . → Read More: Asus K50I Review, Developer Observations

VBA/VB Recursing Through Nested Directories

I wrote a post about iterating over a directory with a Dir loop awhile back and I just received an email asking about nested directories. I’m a big fan of nice, big flat directory structures, but I frequently run into nested data as well. Here’s a VB6 snippet to traverse a directory structure recursively. Keep in [...] . . . → Read More: VBA/VB Recursing Through Nested Directories

Installing Elgg on 1and1 Shared Hosting

1. Make sure whatever directory you are installing to is running PHP5. See this page: http://faq.1and1.com/scripting_languages_supported/php/5.html for more information.
2. FTP all the files up to your 1and1 hosting directory. I went with version 1.7.3 available at http://elgg.org/download.php.
3. Create a 1and1 database for your Elgg installation.

4. Write down all your database information: username, password, database name, and host name.

5. [...] . . . → Read More: Installing Elgg on 1and1 Shared Hosting