Visual Studio is Dead?

Visual Studio Should Be Free
I was typing up a post about a recent Asus laptop purchase and planned to throw in some notes at the end. As I was typing up the notes, it hit me – Visual Studio isn’t free! (Of course not, silly me.) Here’s the thing: it’s not that it costs money, people [...] . . . → Read More: Visual Studio is Dead?

Text Speed App or Text Speed Tester

So, we were contemplating creating/developing a text speed testing application. LG has been sponsoring a “Fastest Texter” contest for a couple years now. The LG contest appears to be gaining traction and every recent study concludes that text messaging is becoming one of the preferred means of communicating.
Initially, I thought such an application surely already [...] . . . → Read More: Text Speed App or Text Speed Tester

GoDaddy Hijacked My Domain! GoDaddy Search Steals Domains

Well, hindsight is 20/20. I debated filing a complaint with ICANN, but I’ve got enough headaches already. In retrospect, the story is somewhat amusing. I hope this post helps at least one other person.
Here’s the story: it’s July 5th and I’m at a pool party with a bunch of people. Now I own a BUNCH [...] . . . → Read More: GoDaddy Hijacked My Domain! GoDaddy Search Steals Domains

VB Nested Loop Algorithm Problem

VBA is a hammer. It’s crude, but wonderfully efficient at getting things done. I don’t do a lot of “dirty work” anymore, but part of working at a small company is rolling up your sleeves every once in awhile.
The situation at hand: we have 20,000 XML files that need to have information that is currently [...] . . . → Read More: VB Nested Loop Algorithm Problem

iPhone SDK Forums!

The iPhone is one cool gadget. (I’ve got an iTouch and I love it, but the developer in me has been trying to figure out a way to jump into iPhone development since I first laid eyes on it.)
Fortunately, this notion can now be a reality as the iphone sdk has been released. The implication [...] . . . → Read More: iPhone SDK Forums!

GoTo Statements, Air Conditioning

The air conditioning on my car (SUV) went out while off roading near Idyllwild, CA.
I could live without air conditioning, but my wife can’t. Thus, the Golden Wrench in Irvine to the rescue.
I stumbled on a PHP issue where I considered using a GOTO statement. ZAP. A lightning bolt straight from the UChicago CS department [...] . . . → Read More: GoTo Statements, Air Conditioning

Recursion and Cell Phones

Recursion is like having your cell phone forward to itself, then calling yourself.
Got it?
If you’re not a Comp Sci major, you’ve probably never heard of recursion. The simplest way to understand it is to look at some simple Visual Basic code that performs a factorial calculation. First, let’s take a look at how recursion is [...] . . . → Read More: Recursion and Cell Phones

Peak Bagging and Resumes

A friend of mine called me on? a hobby I have? listed on I list “Golf, Weight Lifting, Writing, Peak Bagging, Running” in that order.
After reviewing that list, I realized it is not quite accurate. Instead, it should read:
Lunchtime Driving Range Golfer
Occassional Lifter of Weights
Fledgling Writer
Purchaser of Expensive Hiking/Mountain Gear
Treadmill Runner
Different companies are offering [...] . . . → Read More: Peak Bagging and Resumes

Events in C#, Jessica Simpson

I got another version of the “your blog sucks” email. This one can be summed up as, “talk about software development already!”
This blog? relates to coding – no management technobabble, just some inapt references to Jessica Simpson. In the last few years I’ve adopted the last bastion of techno-snobbery: I’m indifferent to the language in [...] . . . → Read More: Events in C#, Jessica Simpson

Wives are like Software Users

A recent situation caused me identify striking similarities between the two.

Wives have EXPECTATIONS and when those are not met, they make DEMANDS. If those go unanswered they become IRATE. If they still do not get appeased, they will LEAVE in search of a better product.
In my personal situation, the EXPECTATION was that the water bill [...] . . . → Read More: Wives are like Software Users