Yahoo Finance Pushing Facebook Links?

Really? It’s been less than a week since Carol Bartz bragged on the massive engineering feat yahoo accomplished by building social discussion features into yahoo’s core cms.
I think Yahoo should have a page on Facebook – where it entices users to visit compelling content on Yahoo. I don’t think fb’s discussion feature (basically non [...] . . . → Read More: Yahoo Finance Pushing Facebook Links?

Deflation is Here 2010

What has the lebron-wade-bosh event told us?
Each of them voluntarily ‘deflated’ their wages. While their ostensible reason is to chase a championship, you can’t help but think that part of the unconscious decision is a recognition that they don’t need the same income to purchase the same levels of goods and services.
The price of a [...] . . . → Read More: Deflation is Here 2010

Microsoft Revenue Falling for First Time Ever

This can’t be a good thing. Microsoft just announced that quarterly revenue fell from the previous year for the first time ever. Keep in mind that Microsoft has been around for 23 years as a public company.
This could be the beginning of the end. Premature to say that? Of course, but – although I love [...] . . . → Read More: Microsoft Revenue Falling for First Time Ever

The Importance of Fractions, Checkout Line at Target

So I’m standing in line buying an enormous popup canopy thing the other day at Target and there is a father-son duo right ahead of me. The dad looks to be early forties. The son – 10ish. They are clean cut, well groomed, well dressed and are buying what appear to be odds and ends [...] . . . → Read More: The Importance of Fractions, Checkout Line at Target

Pay Option ARMS

The real estate market here in California continues to plunge. One unfortunate dynamic is that there are a large number of houses financed with Pay Option ARMs. Unfortunately, these are actually negative amortization loans – meaning that not only are people losing money on the actual value (or purchase price), but their loan balance is [...] . . . → Read More: Pay Option ARMS