Greg Oden is a Bust (or is he?)

I like Oden. He’s had plenty of time. We’ve seen how he’ll perform in the NBA. He’s not terrible, but he’s not a #1 overall player. Hopefully, he’ll get a full season in somewhere before injuries force him to retire. It’d be great if he could make an all-star game.
Tonight he fractured a knee cap [...] . . . → Read More: Greg Oden is a Bust (or is he?)

Tiger Woods Fourth Mistress (Another Cocktail Waitress)

Oh man, I had hoped this would all blow over and turn out to be a couple gold seeking liars. Unfortunately, it looks like Tiger is/was the one who was lying. TMZ is reporting that a FOURTH girl is coming forward and has already retained a Florida based attorney.
Rating and Review of Tiger’s Mistresses (so [...] . . . → Read More: Tiger Woods Fourth Mistress (Another Cocktail Waitress)

Tiger Woods Medication – Painkillers

I’m fascinated with the excessive media coverage of the Tiger Woods’ car crash.? Right now, it appears as though the Florida Highway Patrol is going to press charges – careless driving? – apparently because Tiger was using prescription medication at the time of the crash. I believe Tiger’s team handled this very poorly – [...] . . . → Read More: Tiger Woods Medication – Painkillers

Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3 Review

A couple days ago, I wrote a favorable review of the Newton Stability Racers. About the same time as I bought the Newtons, I also bought a pair of Asics Gel Hyper 3′s. I haven’t logged near as many miles on the Asics, but I like them almost as much as I like the Newtons [...] . . . → Read More: Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3 Review

Newton Running Shoe Review

Everyone loves new gadgets. I’ve read several times about how the yellow Spira shoes were banned from the Boston Marathon (internal springs), but it was another yellow shoe that caught my eye (and my wallet). After looking carefully at the shiny yellow Newton Men’s Stability Racer, I decided to purchase a pair ($150) and try [...] . . . → Read More: Newton Running Shoe Review

Usain Bolt Video – Unbelievable Display of Athleticism

Okay – quickly – had to post this and some thoughts I’m struggling with…..
Until I witnessed the video below, I thought Michael Phelps was the most incredible athlete of these Olympics. Then, Usain Bolt broke the World Record for the 100 Meters while LETTING up toward the end? As a former sprinter, I have a [...] . . . → Read More: Usain Bolt Video – Unbelievable Display of Athleticism

Oregon Ducks’ Dennis Dixon out of Heisman Race!

First off, I confess to not being an Oregon fan (see, but the sportsman in me hates to see any athlete suffer and injury – much less an injury that will in all likelihood knock him out of contention for the biggest trophy in College Football!!!!
Dixon’s left knee buckled under him when he planted [...] . . . → Read More: Oregon Ducks’ Dennis Dixon out of Heisman Race!

Peak Bagging and Resumes

A friend of mine called me on? a hobby I have? listed on I list “Golf, Weight Lifting, Writing, Peak Bagging, Running” in that order.
After reviewing that list, I realized it is not quite accurate. Instead, it should read:
Lunchtime Driving Range Golfer
Occassional Lifter of Weights
Fledgling Writer
Purchaser of Expensive Hiking/Mountain Gear
Treadmill Runner
Different companies are offering [...] . . . → Read More: Peak Bagging and Resumes