Real World Scenario using Word Templates

Merrill Lynch Business Financial Services developed an extensive Word template repository programmed in VBA. The repository consisted of a single network folder that housed over one hundred stand-alone Word templates. Each template launched a userform when invoked that prompted the user for basic information. This information was then used to populate certain areas of the [...] . . . → Read More: Real World Scenario using Word Templates

Wal Mart Secret Site

Wal Mart has created a not-so-secret “Secret Site” for the Holiday Shopping Season. I came across a pretty cool Acer laptop with 1GB of ram for $348 (GET OUTTA HERE!).
The website offers a glimpse at some “Early Black Friday” specials that will start the morning of November 2. The regular website for Wal-Mart Stores, [...] . . . → Read More: Wal Mart Secret Site

Palm Foleo – DBA (Dead Before Arrival)

All the negative reviews couldn’t kill my enthusiasm for the? Palm Foleo. I was actually excited about a? mobile Linux companion. Palm announced it on May 30, 2007 and cancelled on September 4, 2007. I’ve been involved with cancelled projects before and I know how the people behind it must feel.
It was going to have [...] . . . → Read More: Palm Foleo – DBA (Dead Before Arrival)

Sabayon Linux on Laptop Review

I came across a laptop (Compaq Presario 2100) that needed a little TLC. I’m relatively laptop happy right now, but I’ve been yearning for a Linux laptop. My life has changed. I’ve only got two desktops right now – one dedicated as a “family machine” and one dedicated as my three year old son’s machine.
Truth [...] . . . → Read More: Sabayon Linux on Laptop Review

Harry Kimura – Programmer by Day, BAMF by Night

One of the coolest aspects about working in technology (actually, life in general) is that you meet some very interesting people. I worked with Harry Kimura about 4 years ago and haven’t talked to him since. I wish I kept in touch with him. I thought of him today when I was watching Godzilla videos [...] . . . → Read More: Harry Kimura – Programmer by Day, BAMF by Night

Short MSFT NOW!!!!!!!!

I went to the San Diego Vista/Office 2007 today…..
When Windows XP came out, Microshaft made you feel like you HAD TO HAVE IT. . .? like you were putting your life at risk without it. You could never surf the web safely with anything but XP!
Security sells. I bought XP and never looked back.
Vista looks [...] . . . → Read More: Short MSFT NOW!!!!!!!!

Great Movie. This is the guy behind which is very cool.?
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Consumption vs. Creation

I hate television. Hate even the idea of it. Chewing gum for the mind. Sitting……staring blindly……..consuming a stream of images/sounds……never mind the hundred or so things that are stressing you out…..bills…….it all goes away with the television on……
People are switching from standard definition to high definition TVs, that’s why demand of home theater systems is [...] . . . → Read More: Consumption vs. Creation