Installing Elgg on 1and1 Shared Hosting

1. Make sure whatever directory you are installing to is running PHP5. See this page: for more information.
2. FTP all the files up to your 1and1 hosting directory. I went with version 1.7.3 available at
3. Create a 1and1 database for your Elgg installation.

4. Write down all your database information: username, password, database name, and host name.

5. [...] . . . → Read More: Installing Elgg on 1and1 Shared Hosting

Domain Name Appraisals –

There are a multitude of sites that will “appraise” your domain name based on a variety of factors ( was the most popular, but it appears to be dead). I checked into a particular five character domain name in early 1999 and it was open. I made a mental note to obtain it and forgot [...] . . . → Read More: Domain Name Appraisals –