Life Insurance, Motorcycles, and Barbed Wire

November 10, 2005: I get a large? life insurance policy cuz I’m doing the responsible thing per Suze Orman.

December 25, 2005: My wife gets me the “MEXICO MOTOCROSS ADVENTURE” for Christmas (possibly encouraged by Suze Orman as well).

Luckily, my brother (a motocross madman) comes down for the day. We’re in rural Mexico. We’ve got unlimited access to dirt bikes and quads and a native to lead us across forbidding terrain at excessively high speeds.

At one point, I’m riding the quad at about 50 mph down a tight trail lined with the most menacing barb wire I’ve ever seen. My brother and the guide (”VAMINOS”) are out of sight ahead of me on dirt bikes. I start thinking, “man, I’d be a complete mess if I got tangled up in that razor wire going this fast.” Next thing I know, I’m heading on 45 degree angle right at the f’ing wire and I’m having trouble steering away from it…

Luckily, I yanked and fought and braked and bounced until I was clear of it. The first thing I thought is that I greatly prefer riding motorcycles to quads (just much more experience I guess). The second was how thoughts control action. The trail was probably 10 feet wide (or more) which is plenty wide. But I wasn’t focusing on the trail. I was focusing on the fence.

Barbed Wire

Golf is similar, but I’m more comfortable on a golf course than dirt bike. If someone is thinking about chilly dipping the ball into a pond instead of the 50 yard carry to get over – they will plunk the ball in the water.

Software projects are similar too. If you spend your time thinking of all the perils and pitfalls, you’ll never get anything done. Big projects (especially) rely on continued small effort to reach the end goal.

I like to think of hiking up a mountain. If you keep looking up for the top – you see how far you are and get discouraged. If you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually you’ll get there.

My wife had a single plate of food when I got home. “Oh, you’re back.”was happy to see me when I got home.

Wise Man Say, “Suze Orman Policy Bigger Than Yours.”

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