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I remember as a child listening to a legend, tens of thousands of people in a concert, a man, no singing, no dancing, no talking, just standing motionless on stage, the audience will have many fans collapsed was taken to hospital. It made me think of the God of comics, do not make moves just enough to burn eyes and momentum to the air in a radius of several, often killing the enemy in the invisible.

the legend of the man after they keep circulating in the world, he generally elegant dance moonwalk, he was wearing so many people follow the example of the unique, his sexy co-existence of acute facial tenderness song, he has a the strength of the enemy million stage gas field, he was almost broken battered face, his love of the heart of tolerance has become a unique symbol of this era. He created the world's first modern MV, he has more than 800 million album sales, he has hundreds of millions of followers, he got ten other people in order to get life awards, he is in support of the world's 39 rescue Charitable Foundation, he was either in life or on stage will be to wear a symbol of \many heads of government in many countries by the high standard hospitality, the achievements of his pop music is almost beyond the Elvis Presley and the Beatles, the location of his king no one can shake a few years ... ... this man is Michael Jackson, it can be said Without MJ, the development of popular music at least 20 years of delay, MV delay the emergence of at least 50 years.

compared with those negative messages that are not worth mentioning, those are the media to create false weight gain ill-gotten gains to attract world attention and then the ultimate purpose of making false malicious defamatory facts, I hate you.

to say, MJ 80 hearts in each occupies a pivotal position,

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, he was born the day we've been singing never stopped, brought the name of MJ, even if do not like him can not He refused to be great, because he had the idol of the world,

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, is the symbol of a dynasty. We can not forget him, we turn on the TV is him, we went into the store was him, we open the magazine is his, we open the pencil box was his, MJ's influence on us has been not only the music as simple, he has a strong personality charm, his faith has been integrated into our lives, his behavior even as our advertised. He made a lot of people like the European and American pop music, a lot of people like him in order to become good people, to learn singing, learn to dance, learn English ... ... do not know, like me, who had his \copied the lyrics in a book, word for word learning to sing, this is the first song I learned English songs, now I will point to KTV to sing this song. Although I have no dancing talent, but still in his space according to VCD step over and over again to imitate,

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, and to all of his classic dance moves by heart. I bought his first set of tapes was \MV was the most like him is \reached a climax, I remember a friend or even once said \Some people say childhood memories is the most difficult damage, usually accompanied by a person's life, because at that time like that is really like, so the mind will be more long hours of memory will not be us always remember, it just takes a called \I have numerous fantasies can go to the scene to see a MJ's concert, this makes me feel like a distant dream with me for school and then college, this process together, I also collected all his albums and concerts dishes, MJ is God in my heart, and he never, but never was so awe-inspiring directions, Yiqijuechen.

in his death that morning, I received a message of the moment could not believe this is true, I would rather it was a prank, just as all kinds of information received in the April Fool's Day as a false . Confirmed in the multi-under, I'm sure this news is true, I was on the train to Beijing, the seat has been on my mind blank,

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, do not listen to the muttering of \the ... \will be hurt will be hurt, but also escape the fate of the final trial. What is the cause of death is not important, and the occasional wake-up call to all my memories of MJ, but let us never lose him, I finally become a distant dream that will never be able to achieve a dream.

died in the MJ, the London concert has become a never completed the dream, to bring the intense tragedy, MJ5 month in the UK still remember the words, \song, as my curtain call performance, it is so, I love you. \At that time, he frequently than the \And the concert tickets for 50 games, but also the rate of 11 per second within a few hours they sold out. MJ's life ends the final rehearsal at the concert two days ago, that is, the actual performance of the ten days ago, the director of the tragedy of this God who has begun looking forward to the concert fans left heart is difficult to fill the huge empty.

and this documentary who died in the first four months of MJ along with hundreds of millions of people around the world look forward to release the warm, this is a special film that resurrected a God, and History reconstruction, the director of the view through the camera to capture private MJ 4 months rehearsal in detail, on the big screen dedicated to us through another perspective of this \I was fortunate in at 0:00 on the 28th to watch the premiere of the film, shock and excitement can not calm down until now, this is the first time I've seen the premiere and only time zero, and only this movie has this right.

film begins and no extra to say, up is a young dancer who came to interview candidates, we come from different places, different places is a leader in the dance world,

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, but for a the opportunity to realize their dreams gathered here. Conceal their excitement before the camera, and even some have tears, choked to speak. They tell the camera their stories with MJ, \believe my ears ... \The concert team stronger, younger age of bias, which produced almost all MJ fans, they are affected by MJ down this road, also done in their respective industry excellence, and participation in the MJ concert, became their greatest dreams come true, the movie interspersed with interviews with production staff for you, they talk about energy and cooperation in childhood idols are very excited, but also over the years have praised MJ maintained in good condition .

Aspect is a great movie for everyone from the side showing one of the most authentic MJ, treat the work of a meticulous and even some analities of MJ, he can beat the gradient for the keyboard of a pinch with the old keyboard player half a day until he wanted to return to the \During rehearsals, he said most of the words \No one can sway his adherence to detail perfect. Work with the harsh treatment of the corresponding treatment of the staff of his modesty, he asked to change or re-will definitely say \heart is really valuable. He always appears in the dance studio, band rehearsal rooms, MV filming the scene with everyone working together, that does not put on airs, that does not lofty, and still exudes an air of mischievous, even though he has almost divine status, but the heart to love He knows and every harmony, love everyone like their loved ones. On stage, he is the king, is dominated by hundreds of thousands of leaders, but he is never exclusive stage, he will SOLO female guitarist, said, \moment \The film

MJ's 14 selected songs familiar, this, too, to help MJ in the UK several months ago to honor the oath,

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, the movie magic of the lens used to screen the rehearsal a few times to wear MJ woven together, so this special concert will be more three-dimensional. MJ sung used in all the rehearsals, and even sang with a jump unequivocal, high quality rehearsal beyond imagination, and there is absolutely beyond the real world, many stars live performances. When the familiar voice MJ surround sound in all directions piercing through my ears, I would like a \washed again in our memory, time and time again give me the hairs upright. Hard to believe this man is 50 years old, he suffers from vitiligo, he repeatedly admitted to hospital seriously ill, can be passion for life and love of the stage to guide him back toward the road that this belongs to him, and he maintained a constant high standard, whether the grasp of intonation or dance beats are accurate to the extreme,

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, this misunderstanding and even MJ's family spent a substitute for film. MJ dance that uniform ringing all coming back in the film, though only a dress rehearsal without makeup, but also to the audience as the ground, often a song finished with warm applause will pay tribute to him.

this concert wonderful addition to the inherent MJ song and dance, but also filled with all kinds of whimsy, with a higher technological content, there have been many touching scenes.


\out of everyone's attention once again returned to the stage under the spotlight MJ body. (MJ in this song is not back to adhere to the screen, use the sense of feeling beginning of the song.)

\grotesque, horror, trembling Gothic atmosphere, and the last scene of \

\to the scene to watch, there will be how the momentum, and MJ in this song and finally joined a very special plot,

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, the specific of what secrecy :-)

\is the most touching an entire movie, and accompanied by narration MJ environmentalists,

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, big-screen emergence of primitive forest, butterflies, pure and vivid bright little girl lives and mountains, and this good is very short, this is we call \MJ on the stage at this time heartbreaking cries of his every sentence is enough to shock our minds, he paid all the world, the world has betrayed him, and he's simply being used again and again, this terrible society in the end of what he did? How much does he suffered unfair treatment? Over the years, he lost homes, lost wealth, loss of reputation, but only, he never lost, and that is the audience.

can not imagine these effects in real time the concert will be how to use 牛逼, we can only lament that this irreversible regret. Ending the film

fixed in the final \can not be copied. Although the film for only two hours, although the site to watch the premiere of the audience only a few hundred, these can not be compared with the real concert, but still thank God thank MJ left the film thanks to Kenny Ortega us. When the film ends, like a lantern flashed in my mind was still in those indelible images of the film, despite the shady already falling, but no one willing to leave, next to the men who have been crying into tears, but I do not want to comfort know what to say, I am worried that she spoke herself crying. I would like to keep 12 points in the middle of watching a movie premiere in the cinema are those who love him, but some people love the deep, some people love the warm, MJ song to accompany those children grow up to now married and age, we all experienced those in the MJ song to sing in the ways of the world, only MJ song to the impact of those gradual numbness of the heart, so that door again.

have left for the idol, we have nothing to give him only as far as possible over their own lives, to change their own kind, and efforts to influence the people around, which is the Great Love of MJ in the pursuit of the ideal life. In fact,

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, perhaps the death of MJ is just a break away, he ended a painful, it will not feel tired, really went to the \The legends about him, there will be more people continue to Acura, lips down, and never closed.

Dear MJ, you are the legend is forever is a myth, and I gradually realized that you will continue the legend as early as the task entrusted to us, which as you said.


Commemoration our eternal idol Michael Jackson.

lun91e95 2738 days ago

\- The earthquake death for children and ,

genuine sheepskin


ugg gloves

, pay close attention to her mother's hand fast

way to heaven is too dark

mother was afraid you touch his head

step mother's hand fast

her mother with you for fear of


heaven is too dark I can not see your hand

since the collapse
sunlight away
tenderness I can not see the pupil of the eye
your child

the road in front of you go

again no endless sorrow
did not read the books and father of the fist

you have to remember

look like my father and I have to go with the next life

Do not worry Mom

heaven is crowded
some friends
many students do not cry we say

which person's mother is our mother
which children are not my mother's child
you love to live child that her mother

Mother do not cry tears of light

our way slowly let go of our own

I will remember your mother and father look like

remember our agreement with the next life go!

mail this log from the QQ! Convenient new way to write Qzone details Come>>

lun91e95 2738 days ago

have good friends who? deliberately?: I? suspect charged sound? is she?, but how she is?? out? of it. It?, I? Not?, And I? Oath, all?? Are true? Environment, or?? Slight deviation in the above, but the basic? Poor.

? King one: beat ???

? copies?? is the late 70s: a??? dressed? work, at work? slipped into the gap? chamber,? take? close. Shoot?? Site in? Overlooking? U shaped? Work research? Where?? Erected an open space? To move? The lifting frame, I was standing above mean?? Arm?: \and? ladder cut out of the cold? of? What? face? table??? sense? beam? unknown next second. \? In cooked? With the deputy??,? It??, I? Have???? Is to play? To? Understand that he is a newcomer, I have high hopes. Deputy?? I go to eat?, Me? \

??,?? work often?? the scene of another? birth: Each? surface? Health glitches and I was somehow upset? holders to stay in???, most of them??? more?? .

? lifting frame around? put style corridors?, I see?? to? bit?? and?? it? man go??, thugs? to my next?. Suddenly, the play??'s Speech?? Me? Shelves dragged down the corridor, I was?? Own one second before? Bent on planting? Partner off? Drag to the charge?? What sense? Hard cold? The ? rod and? staircase? knock knock hit hit, I thought: Cool!?

? King II: fine? flowers?


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, hidden in a small? edge delta wing, I? have thought the first time even in the gliding force ????????? situation?. Overlooking the ground panic? The crowd, in? Research? The outside?, Yet there are numerous weapons?? Person? Well, he?? Have??.

short? of? line???? above?? beam, his solution? tied my hands? and the? on? cable and pushed me down. Glide?? Then? Weight, to more? More? Deep twilight? Go.

I fell in a tangled

? dense flowers? years. Foot? Three meters high,

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, huge lush gold? Grass,

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, planted like a side stand? Wood sorrel?? Pink and lavender flowers, like wisteria vine drawn to the flowers?? Of a corridor. ??? An open space,

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, is the golden poppy, soft? The petals in late???? Float?, In me? Then?? The mood on?? One? Soft and thick soft?.

under the rain for a long time to spend the night there?? of the Lin-light? me? have thought, I'm looking forward to fine? spread out ?,??? be??, a group of arms and? have weapons ? people out? in front of me?: One thing you need with it.

? King III: Buddha? thing

? is my vacation, just about everything?? him? arrangements.

in the vast God? snowy (?? is?? name, I?? have Mud? desert to God? snow north of a thousand kilometers), over the pull-Mount Snow (?? is?? name,

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, because ? I do not know him? to? I do, I'll make? to? names), he? are turned into plain clothes, though, and I? the trip? who? I press him? arrangements, mixed in with temple worship? Tibetans in?, a living Buddha and his close with? person.

in? Church one? the hall, the living Buddha out?,

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, he? I ????? a? walk? wear?? of people lined the corridors?? my face. I see? His fingers? A black and white rings, I thought:? Is spent teaching the Buddha?, Flower teach not?? In? Buddha?,

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, And?? And? Ka? Good in the opposite direction ah.

Buddha looked at me?? wear? crowd, went? room. I see? Control my line of plain-clothes too?, And my body?? From other places? Clothing Lama?: Living Buddha has long pass? Geshe exam?, But before?? There? Was the central government's reform and open? ,

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, but he? to Monk? eyes Viagra? high.

I do not know?? to me? do, the heart? very disturbed. Weeks? Are pious? The local monk?,? One? What can? A glider? Ah. Heart? Sixes and sevens, I slowly moved?? Next?, Thinking something to? Slide bar.

??, a??? with? the Living Buddha of the year? monks walked up to me, smiled and folded after the Road: Living Buddha?, there is a?? thing is to send? you.

I? only? him? with a? white?? to?? referred to my hand?,?: you put it? go.

? white??? in too beautiful?? eyelashes, black crystal-like eyes, pass? white? one? hair,

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, combing too? its dry? whole?. ?? Small, white?? Can not get out, I? With it go now?,? Is? Small, can not get out. I am very confused? Road??? Is small? Candidate received in the temple? Big? Can I? How? It? Walked.

monk?:?? white?? is the Buddha to send? your wisdom and good fortune, it can be bearing? you?? you? weight, but if you do not mind?'s? play?, how can you? can get it yet. If you????, Then?? You?? What??.

I am startled stand

? way, there suddenly,

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,? natural?? sense.

and then wake up?.

lun91e95 2738 days ago

Many readers asked about a child bed-wetting problem. Readers have reached the hotline, said the child 7 years old and often wet the bed, the whole family is very worried. Director Liu said that to 5-year-old children who can not control urination, called enuresis. Enuresis can be divided into two categories, primary enuresis and secondary enuresis. Secondary enuresis is often caused by certain diseases, urinary system diseases. Disease affecting the nervous system caused by general weakness or dysfunction in children can also be a temporary enuresis. About half of children with bed-wetting accompanied by a small hidden spina bifida, and bed-wetting performance of stubborn, patients are often long lasting, and even still wet the bed until adulthood. Lamina of the reader's son,

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, not yet fully closed, spina bifida is recessive, so difficult to treat enuresis, in addition to wet the bed every night before the time with their children wake-up alarm clock to make it active outside the toilet, it can be to a pediatric surgical consultation pointer with surgery.

According to a recent case of out-patient, more patients with respiratory disease. Parents should change according to weather changes at any time to the children clothing, children with minimal patient contact, on the other hand, can be appropriately increased the amount of children's outdoor activities, increase their resistance. In terms of diet,

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, drink plenty of water to give a child, eat vitamin-rich foods.

The following are some of the questions readers advice for reference

1 year old little less than

Yu Mom: My daughter is now almost seven months, four months from the start do not drink milk when awake, half asleep, only to drink, to six months time when half asleep, do not drink,

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, and even today, do not eat much food supplement, one less than three tablespoons, how do ah? Why?

Deputy Director Liu: This may have digestive problems. Suggested that parents with children to the hospital. Can be mixed feeding, formula milk during the day and night breast-feeding.

0591 × × × × 1273: my baby for six months, and recently pulled the stool was Danhua a bubble-like and sometimes, what is the problem, how to do?

Deputy Director Liu: It may be related with the digestion, the appropriate mixture add a little to digest,

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, such as pepsin.

0591 × × × × 7086: My daughter is two months of bad days? smoked a lot of phlegm in her throat, sleep a bit like the sound of snoring,

kenneth moore jersey

, partial green stool these days, something like cereal residue Is there something?

Deputy Director Liu: throat, nasal congestion are often caused by phlegm, the best to the hospital the doctor auscultation.

132 × × × × 9595: My son is four months, had intussusception, gastrointestinal would not change bad? Now five and a half months, stool frequency after eating food supplement every day, unlike the previous one, especially after eating egg yolk is constipation. This is the country?

Deputy Director Liu: intussusception reset to no effect on gastrointestinal function, and constipation and diet, in particular to water.

159 × × × × 1748: baby nine months, due to the long teeth? smoked two days have swollen gums, look at him very hard to accept, crying so badly? election there is no way to make him feel better point?

Deputy Director Liu: This is gingivitis. Watermelon cream spray can with the point.

1-5 years of age

159 × × × × 7412: My son is 3 weeks and 3 months, and few are fluent speech, the former, the latter one should ah long time, vocalized was not allowed,

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, what is it that people so-called language barrier? Grow up will be affected?

Deputy Director Liu: There may be stuttering. Recommendations to the hospital to check,

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, when necessary, should be language training.

138 × × × × 7812: My child years of age,

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, long before a tooth,

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, normal? If you do not normally what the problem?

Deputy Director Liu: kids long teeth, and generally even, odd tips are rickets.

137 × × × × 8355: My son is almost 3 years old, and just to read the kindergarten, the teacher said he was concentrating, its own way, their own to open the door, moving furniture, etc., do not let him cry . It is not good at home, food, clothing and forced him to rely on ground,

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, crying, running around all day, does he not belong to this kind of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or lack of nutrients, you need to check whether it?

Deputy Director Liu: That depends on your son did not significantly influence around, doing my favorite things (such as watching favorite cartoons, play games, etc.) can focus, concentrate if, then without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), if still can not concentrate, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should be alert to possible subjects can be made into children's health-related testing, such as mental screening, blood lead testing. In addition, attention easily dispersed children, usually should reduce opportunities for distraction, such as a meal to eat alone, do not turn on the TV or music, can not be coaxed with toys and so on.percy harvin jersey
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Feeling different from the spoils, never Fifth uniform. Love someone,

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, you will find that the ratio is always the soul to forty-six,

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, notoginseng,

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, twenty-eight,

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, to pay the more,

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, get myself are less,

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, or never had to pay,

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, only to be ten Cheng, winner,

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, this is no justification for the road of love
management. So we fall in love,

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, always love the people who should not.

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MacArhtur: Old soldiers never die,

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, they just fade away ...

Cinnic: Young liars nerver die,

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, they just hide away ...

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Phoenix TV a show tonight, the theme of cottage culture. This half year, the cottage show, and mobile phone firms,

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, the cottage and so on, all of them have oncoming very shocking.

cottage term,

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, Huaqiang North was first triggered by domestic mobile phone, since the MTK platform-style coalition to help the poor, the entire mobile phone industry to set up a sample. Catch three-year period,

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, 08 do not know which made big kinky reputation: cottage phone. Xu is this word so flavored,

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, so the term was an instant sensation cottage, is widely used in socialist industries, cottage and then the Spring Festival Evening came, the Internet rumors have, not seen, but would like from the entertainment no more than eight children of the Spring Festival is poor where to go,

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, after all, entertain themselves, in line with public taste. Ten years ago, we also do not want to do are sitting as before to receive re-education in the era of television.

Some people say,

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, copying the old cottage, not innovation.
This does not, what a great man said,

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, to stand on the shoulders of giants ... ...
In other words, the shoulders of giants is to stand, to the bottom.

lucky enough to be stand on the shoulder, it is appreciated by the station's glory.
this year, the daily said that innovation, this new invasive Why so good? Stephen Chow, as do the authors want to get a shoe like that this is actually a shaver? To create to create a home,

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, a few large refrigerator TV washing machine, never still not integrated.

people how much you love it not to use that intellectual property copied many do not speak, anyway, so many years abroad, what products he is also a copy to copy to, and these days,

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, what is truly their own original? Another new Iphone is only a cell phone, mobile phone innovation into a plane can not come.

cottage culture is the most important thing is completely close to the broad masses of the pit of the stomach Dier, to what to do. As for the highbrow,

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, it is not ordinary people can easily perceive the thing. More than eight as iorgane to price and quality, have revolutionized the Iphone that moving the five or six thousand of the price system, many dual-card dual-generation machine, but has dual card required to meet the people for two years, their brand of spring snow several sporadic giants be launched, the price is nearly ten times the cottage.

Thus, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely support legs holding cottage culture is increasingly powerful, Ray you die. Only it is more powerful, it will be a higher level of quality and service. Why a new name for the foreign giants, a design change to a lot a lot to make excessive profits?

to mobile phones and other cottage cottage to more severe form of it! !

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perspective or a taste ah photographer,

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, the first is not 20 years ago,

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, Stallone?


Christmas party. directly on the map

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Photo Name: IMG_2956

Photos Name: IMG_2943

Photo Name: IMG_3046

Photo Name: IMG_3091

Photo Name: IMG_3120

Photo Name: IMG_3135

Photo Name: IMG_3154

Photo Name: IMG_3195

Photo Name: IMG_3251

Photo Name: IMG_3315

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Photo Name: IMG_3388

Photo Name: IMG_3405
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Photo Name: IMG_3409

Photo Name: IMG_3412

Photo Name: IMG_3458

Photo Name: IMG_3492

Photo Name: IMG_3563

Photo Name: IMG_3589

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Photo Name: IMG_3671

Photo Name: IMG_3740

Photo Name: IMG_3765

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Photo Name: IMG_3819

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Photo Name: IMG_1926

< br> Photo Name: IMG_1971

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, flickr:

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