Consumption vs. Creation

I hate television. Hate even the idea of it. Chewing gum for the mind. Sitting……staring blindly……..consuming a stream of images/sounds……never mind the hundred or so things that are stressing you out…..bills…….it all goes away with the television on……

People are switching from standard definition to high definition TVs, that’s why demand of home theater systems is very high. No doubt variety of flat panel tvs is available in market but sale ratio of plasma tv is much higher then standard ones. While on the other hand variety of lcd tv stand is also available in market.


Still sitting, getting fat, neurons flaccid, blood thickening….

The worst comes when you reach the point of actually believing what you are watching.

The old. The infirm. Their opinions become that of their favorite talk show host.Maury Povich


Okay, in some ways it is exactly like the internet. However, the barrier to creating is drastically lower on the web. And it shows.

Question: How much time do you spending consuming the web and how much time do you spend creating it?

This dichotomy exists everywhere. Are you a chef creating exquisite meals or are you consuming fast food – devoid of nutrients? Are you playing make believe games with your kids, or are you watching Toy Story yet again.

I’ve become hyper-aware (neurotic?) – vaguely tracking my time? (consuming/creating) and looking at it as a percentage (50%/50%).

My shrew like attention span makes me especially susceptible to lackafocus. For instance, I’m two hours into developing something, hit a snag, google it, and spend 45 minutes reading some obscure article on high performance racing mufflers even after I’ve found the solution…

High Performance Racing Muffler

A certain amount of consumption is healthy. It keeps you aware of life around you. But if you’re not moving closer to your goals……………….they are getting further away.

Wise Man Say, “better to be on Stage than in Audience.”

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