Elevator Etiquette

There is a horrible trend among technology guys the world over – elevator etiquette.

There are several root problems: we’re busy, we get deeply engaged in conversations, we are cell phone addicts, we get trapped in thoughts……

1a. If you are waiting to get into an elevator: Let people off the elevator before you crowd into it. Then, let Women and children enter the elevator first – no exception. Hold the door and be polite.

1b. If you are waiting to get out of an elevator: if it is crowded and you are at the front, get out of the elevator to allow people to exit – then step back in. (Thanks JP.)

2. If someone is carrying a package, pulling luggage, walking a child – be polite and hold the door for them (even if you have to cover your phone and whisper a polite, “here you go” and continue on). But this brings us to….

3. Don’t talk on your cell phone in an elevator.

4. Watch for rude behavior when your deeply engaged with a coworker and you’re trampling people en route.

5. Don’t EAT on the elevator.

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2 comments to Elevator Etiquette

  • JP

    Your “ladies first, no exceptions” rule is ridiculous. As a lady, I can assure you that it is extemely irritating to have to maneuver my way past men who share this misguided notion that it is more courteous to block the exit than to simply GET OFF the elevator when it arrives at your floor if you are nearest the door.

  • scott

    JP – point taken. I should’ve distinguished my point more clearly. I’ve amended rule 1.

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