jacasso.com, DOW Near Record

I woke up early today. Very Early. Like 3 a.m. early. I woke up either because I was excited at the prospect of the DOW breaking the Year 2000 all time high, or because my son was screaming, “BLANKEEZ ON!” at the top of his lungs. After tucking him back in, I was still wired. I did a little leftover work and headed to the gym to watch the NYSE opening bell from a treadmill.

The DOW is comprised of some 30 stocks, almost all of which are actually lower than year 2000. The current DOW darling is ALTRIA (up about 215% since 2000). Of course, I don’t own ALTRIA. I own INTEL. The DOW’s biggest loser since 2000…

Anyway, as I was leaving I noticed a grey SUV that proudly displayed jacasso.com in faux cursive writing on the back window. I thought briefly about snapping a picture with my camera phone, not realizing the battery was dead. It didn’t matter, I couldn’t find the camera.

When I got to work, I checked jacasso.com. Although there is no pronunciation guide listed on the site, I decided to call it JACK-ASS-OH DOT COM. JACK-ASS-OH DOT COM is an art site (hmm? Picasso meets jackass.) The actual artist is named “Jack Janis.” Go figure.


His abstract stuff is great and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Anyway, back to year 2000. It was a great year. A year I’d gladly do over. I spent two weeks in Maui to celebrate Christmas and begin the new year. Somebody married me. I could not be reached by cell phone. My first book was published. The Sooners went undefeated. Life was good.

As of 10:34 a.m. Pacific time, the DOW has not set a new record…(To be continued.)


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