James Sikes is a Liar – Lying about Runaway Prius

Okay, I’m just not believing this “runaway prius” story. I think this guy is trying to jump on the Toyota recall bandwagon and get his 15 minutes of fame. In fact, he’s already gotten a lot more than fifteen minutes. It’s too early to tell, but I bet three or more of the following turn out to be true:

He’s having financial difficulties
He has been a party to past fraudulent or questionable lawsuits
He either currently has, or previously had, tax problems
He’s an aspiring reality star
He’s attempted other “attention grabbing” things in the past
His story changes on whether or not he attempted to put car in neutral
His story changes period

Normally, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt – but something about this guy and his apparent zest for media coverage is making me very skeptical……

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36 comments to James Sikes is a Liar – Lying about Runaway Prius

  • Considering Your Position

    Sort of a balloon boy, redux? Not outside the realm of possibility.

  • Mark

    Total fraud. Called 911 twice, while holding phone and dialing #’s. Asked by 911 operator to put car in neutral several times, yet ignored the advice. When asked by reporter why he did not put it into neutral he replied that he had to keep both hands on the wheel to control the car. THEN HOW THE HELL DID HE MANAGE TO MAKE 2 PHONE CALLS? He previously won $50,000 lottery and most likely didn’t realize the tax implications and drove himself into debt, (probably at 94 miles an hour). There is a lot more to this story.

  • NV

    I completely agree.

  • HI8R

    Of course its fake. The media is with Government Motors to destroy Toyota. Start calling this Toyotagate!!!

  • Dave

    Total attention whore. TURN THE KEY!

  • Jim

    His last name says it all!!


    Sike – The immediately preceding statement is false and was told to mislead.

  • ZZ

    This guy is looks fake, talks fake, and his eyes keep moving around means he is lying.

  • Kevin

    The media has completely blown this out of proportion, and the government is conspiring to bring Toyota down due to their vested interest in GM, Ford, and the UAW. Isn’t it ironic that no Prius sudden unintednded accelerartion had ever been mentioned before the media blew this recall up (looking at past records, etc.) and then immmediately James Sikes is reporting this incident. How can you honestly drive for 30 minutes at 94 mph with no control and not hit anyone sooner. All of this news is totally BOGUS and BS! The people making up these stories for publicity, financial incentive, etc. need to be prosecuted. It’s dispicable how indescent people can be to make these stories up. Toyota is the TRUE WINNER here. Let’s keep Moving Forward!!! I wouldn’t change from a Toyota anyday. Toyotas truly are the best and have the utmost highest quality!

  • Gollum Sacramento

    Here’s my theory, let’s jump on this bandwagon and slump Toyota, so we can buy its car with deep discount. I like that.

  • scott

    I actually like that idea. We need a celebrity to have a “runaway Toyota” scare (Brittany Spears has been quiet lately). We can then buy the cars and the stock cheaply….

  • Jeff

    I just recently came to that suspicion. His motive may be because he received a recall notice and was rebuffed by the local dealer. Maybe he wanted to show them up. What doesn’t seem right is that the officer stated that the accelerator and brakes were in the normal position when he examined the stopped vehicle but Sikes stated that he tried several times to lift the gas pedal but it stayed at its position (presumably stuck position). If what stopped the engine was the stop button it is unlikely that all of a sudden the gas pedal would return to the normal off position when the car stopped. I also question his statement that the gas pedal jumped when he was accelerating – as if the gas pedal was moved by another force – the only force that can move the pedal is the driver.

  • Tracy

    Watch the CNN piece on this. Might I add this is still early in the story and is just speculation on my part and admit it is just my opinion at this point. Notice Mr. Sikes shifty eyes during the interview. Also appears very nervous, as if he wasn’t expecting all the media attention.> First he says “I was standing on the pedals”, then he says pedal. Also, he chose a nice long stretch of freeway to pull this off. I know this type of guy,I once had a neighbor like him. Living off the government, fraudulent workmans comp claims, petty lawsuits, etc. etc. I think he is a lone conspirator on this. If Government Motors (GM) was involved in this, they surely would have chosen a more believable liar. If I was the CHP officer, I would have yelled through the PA “Take your foot off the accelerator” and i bet he would have done that. Also at those speeds you can burn off your brakes with minimal pressure on the brakes, just enough to light the brake lights. Again, just one man’s opinion

  • mike

    I don’t know Jim Sikes personally, but I do have a round-a-bout story about him that puts his credibility into question.
    We were trying to buy a foreclosed house in San Diego last year. The previous owner (Jim and Patti Sikes….local realtors BTW) lost the house, but before giving posession back to the bank “someone” stole the ENTIRE kitchen out of the house……….Granite countertops, cabinets, appliances and even the lights!
    They better be interrogating Mr. Sikes really hard!

  • joe

    From the first time I saw this coverages I was saying, HE IS A FRAUD! 3 easy ways would of stopped the car. Could of easily shifted to neutral or turned off he engine, even mashing the breaks would of stopped that little hybrid. What was the FIRST thing he does, picks up his CELL and dials 911. Operator comes on and give specific direction on how to stop the car and he completely ignores them.

    PURE ATTENTION GRAB, and the media just serves it up to them like idiots. Perfect example of negative reinforcement

  • DAVE

    Whenever it sounds too perfect my antenna goes up. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • Linda Ponzini

    The guy’s story is totally ridiculous and unbelievable yet the CHP and MSM stand staunchly behind it and keep repeating it. What is going on?

  • scott

    Thanks Mike – looks like this guy is in serious financial trouble – http://jalopnik.com/5491101/did-bankrupt-runaway-prius-driver-fake-unintended-acceleration

  • Please forgive my husband.

  • mello702

    I agree with everyone else here, I’m pretty sure Mr Sikes is blowing smoke up everyone’s ass. Too many things don’t add up… If it takes you over 20 minutes and a 911 call to stop your run-away prius, I think your Corvette Owners Club of San Diego membership should be stripped, as well as your license revoked. What a danger to himself and other motorists on the roadway………


  • DS

    @Mark: “When asked by reporter why he did not put it into neutral he replied that he had to keep both hands on the wheel to control the car”

    Ya it is ridiculous especially when looked under to check the floor mat to see if it’s stuck or not, and he claims he tried to pull back the gas pedal with his hand…but he couldnt shift to neutral cos he has to keep both his hands on the wheel.

    I cant help but ROFL at this story…esp when I imagine a fat guy crawling under the wheel pulling the gas pedal out, and checking his floor mat while the car is going at 94mph on a highway, I cant imagine people believe this story.

  • David Sykes

    What an embarrassment to the namesake. Can’t even spell his name correctly.

    Dave Sykes

  • jck

    if you guys can actually do some more research, Sikes lawyer points out that he isn’t filing any lawsuits against Toyota….. and doesn’t want to get any media coverage….. I am not sure whether he is lying or not because we all don’t really know what had actually happened because we were never there to begin with.

    it could possibly been a one in a million thing that happened, most cars now are run by a computer system. If you think about it.. your computers for example.. at home… how often do you get the blue screen error? Once in a while, right? Sometimes it just happens because of hardware problems that can or can’t be identified. The blue screens can occur all of a sudden and out of nowhere it just stops happening.

    Even though I agree with everyone here about the story being bogus, Toyota may be having some serious issue with their way of manufacturing cars. A similar incident occurred where someone crashed into a stone wall and suffered minor injuries with his Toyota Prius.
    Were talking about 1 in a million incident that can be possible.
    We have millions of drivers who drive everyday to either go to work, college, mall, stores, grocery markets, churchs, parks, etc.., There are tons of people that own Toyota cars but yet only 56-58 incidents occurred. Before the Toyota recalls, shouldn’t the death toll been more than 58.. maybe to the thousands ?? maybe couple hundred THOUSANDS?

    I’m trying to pinpoint that Toyota might be dealing with a serious issue with their cars… and that MAYBE SIKES isn’t lieing about his problems with the vehicle.

    But for now… all i can say is that the whole story is sort of confusing.

  • Jim Sikes is definitely a liar. His eyes go all over the place when he is answering questions. I taught driver education for several months during the summer (and took a college course in driver education to teach) and taught teenagers and adults how to properly stop a car in the event it, seemingly, went out of your control. This man has been driving for years and did not attempt to properly try any of the accepted ways of stopping a car, i.e., putting it in neutral, (but NEVER turn the engine off). If you turn the engine off on today’s model cars, it freezes up the steering mechanism. He was able to dial 911 twice at supposedly driving 94 miles an hour. I could go on but your readers see my point!!

  • Sue

    Anyone here NOT spend all there time watching Fox news? Just curious.

  • Sue

    Oh crap, the grammer police will get me – “their time”

  • bill

    There is no evidence to support the fringe paranoia of government conspiring to bring Toyota down. There IS evidence that Toyota has hid problems for quite some time. The private life of Mr. Sikes is essentially irrelevant… but Toyota’s history IS relevant. The testimony of the CHP officer IS relevant. The likelyhood of Toyota playing a hardball media game IS relevant.

  • Albert Lee

    Poor guy, you are a liar!

  • John

    When I smell a rat, there is usually a rat. It looks like everyone else here smells the same rat.

  • [...] adroit use of Google, they found that someone had posted on Hobbub.com that in a foreclosed house, previously owned by a Jim and Patti Sikes, â?before giving [...]

  • Culo

    James Sikes looks like a douchebag trying to make some money.

  • common sense

    I completely agree. I hope he is exposed for the hoax he is.

  • Sikes obviously wanted the thrill of speeding without getting caught.
    This fraudulent dirtbag needs to put the brakes on his lying lips.

  • sikethemgood

    Every piece of information fits nicely if you assume Sikes is a liar. I just can’t believe some of you guys still think Sikes isn’t lying. You guys should get recalled and get some brain surgery to fix your reasoning defect.

  • William Johnson

    Thank god there are other sane people out there. Looked at the Yahoo comments on the story and I lost faith in society.


    As a many year master auto tech for Jaguar. I went and drove a preowned 08 Prius to 90mph and didnt have a problem stopping it even with my foot mashed to the floor on the gas. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!!!

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