Sony Mylo – WTF?

Here is a very cool looking device called the Sony Mylo. It’s been around for about a year. “Mylo” stands for ‘My Life Online’ which is also the name of a now defunct wireless service provider from the early 2000′s (right around the dotcom implosion).

Anyway, this PSP looking device doesn’t play games. That’s right – no games?

And it looks like a cell phone………………………… but it’s not?

No, Sony created a portable wifi gadget the size of a cell phone so that you can carry something else around in your pocket that can do things your existing cell phone can already do???

I don’t get it. What am I missing?

Popularity: 1% [?]

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2 comments to Sony Mylo – WTF?

  • OK, I have been meaning to comment on your post for a few days now. I watched the video, and I don’t get it either. What is the point of this device? I think there’s a good reason that I have never heard of this thing.

    The Mylo is kind of like an iPod touch, but it’s no where near as cool. Based on the video, it also looks like it is really difficult to use. Apple clearly learned a lot from Sony when they came out with the original iPod. Sony was the king of digital music players (CD Walkman) back in the day, but it seems they have lost their way. They’re in too many markets, and they need to get back to what they do best: top quality, innovative audio and video products. It’s time for Sony to learn from Apple and get their groove back.

  • yeah I agree its a bit half-baked product, but then again there are quite plenty who use Mylo… perhaps they just like it that way and have 2 or more devices at hand (e.g. mylo for IM, phone for calls, etc.)

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